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About us

The Revolutionary National Syndicalist Movement of Chile ("RNSM") is the political organization who fights for the instauration of a New Order, based on the Union of the Nation with Justice, aiming to the spiritual and self-realization of every single Chilean.

Our thinking has been inherited of National Syndicalist tradition initiated by Ramiro Ledesma and José Antonio Primo de Rivera in Spain, embodied in our Homeland by Ramón Callis, Osvaldo Lira Pérez, Renato Carmona and others, enriched with the doctrinal and political contribution of the old and the new comrades. From this doctrinal heritage it discomposes our main demands:

We demand a Nation: a strong National Community, free of the international powers, truly owner of his sovereignty, of his natural resources and defender of his identity and culture, in collaboration with all the other nations who fights for this liberation, particularly with those who jointly compose the Hispanicity. We reject the Marxist idea of social classes and the globalization that crushes the independence of the nations.

We demand Justice: a social order who allow to every single Chilean and social bodies to participate in the goods of power, of wealth and culture. All the Chileans are workers of the Nation and we receive from her in proportion with our endeavor and work. We reject the existence of parasitic sectors within the community.

We demand the Self-Realization of the man: the restoration of the liberty, the dignity and integrity of the person as transcendent and spiritual being, fellow of rights and duties within the national community. We reject the structures based in the individualism, in the materialism and in the massification, common to the Capitalism and the Marxism.

Based on this fundamentals and inalienable demands we assume our political and cultural battle to his complete fulfillment.
In consequence with this, we declare our solidarity with every popular struggle that support any of our demands without contradict any of the remai
ning; likewise we reject every political initiative that condemns any of our demands, even when it proclaims “revolutionary” or “nationalist”.

Movimiento Revolucionario Nacional Sindicalista de Chile - MRNS 

Revolutionary National Syndicalist Movement of Chile - RNSM


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aspas200x184El Movimiento Revolucionario Nacional Sindicalista (MRNS) es la organización política que lucha por el establecimiento de un nuevo Estado y la forja de una nueva cultura en Chile e Iberoamerica toda, basados en la unidad y justicia; con miras a posibilitar la realización de toda persona, mediante el desarrollo y ejecución de un proyecto revolucionario de nación.

Enlaces de interés

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